A 2013 thank you from Ada Jane/Matt Marka.‏

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Dudes & Dudettes,

2013 was a relatively slow year for any Ada Jane/Matt Marka activity, mainly due to a Zuzu. Jennifer Mack and I welcomed the birth of our daughter, Zuzu Antonia Marka, on May 29th of this year. We are over the moon with her, and are expecting her to start shredding on lead guitar for Ada Jane any day now. The kid needs to earn her keep, no? Child labor laws be damned!

Ada Jane did find the time to play a couple of shows this year. One in Fargo, ND @ NDSU to around 1000 line dancing people, and one @ the 7th St. Entry in MPLS to less people who were chose not to line dance at all. Much thanks to all the people who showed up to the 7th St. Entry show. What a great night.

Also, Jen Mack and I performed our piece “Just Within” @ the Harvest Contemporary Dance Festival in Chicago this September.

There are new songs in the works and demos being made, and don’t forget about all of our 2012 releases….

The Pauses Between: This 7 inch book “The Pauses Between” is a collection of medium format Polaroid photographs taken by Leslie Ostrander and includes a 6 song EP written and recorded by Matt Marka. The music and images are put together because they are meant to be experienced simultaneously. http://mattmarka.bandcamp.com/

Under: Ada Jane’s LP, “Under”, is quite a departure from the Minneapolis rock sounds of their 2009 LP, “Again…Again.” “Under”, is a raw, dark song cycle with moments of beauty and clarity peeking through the periphery “Under” is loosely about life in North Minneapolis, financial struggles, and the passing of time and people. Recorded and mixed in late 2011 and early 2012 at Matt Marka’s home studio, and featuring a guest appearance on trumpet by Dan Eikmeier (Davina & the Vagabonds) http://adajane.bandcamp.com/

Over: Ada Jane’s new EP, “Over”, is the sister release to the bands September 2012 LP, “Under.” The “Over” EP is simply a brief return to rock music for Ada Jane. Featuring the single, “Crawling To The End Of The Year.” http://adajane.bandcamp.com/

As always, thanks for your support. See you in 2014.

Matt Marka & Ada Jane