Weheartmusic review of “Under” by Lara Crombie

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Their music is appealing for its assertive delivery, smart, sincere lyrics, and singer Matt Marka’s “play-like-it’s-your-last-show-ever” charisma (an attitude that’s often lost on younger generations). That being said, Under demonstrates the band’s desire to meander a bit, exploring the soft underarm tones of vulnerability. Sprinkled amongst the rock-out standards are songs like “Climb Down” and “Late Late Nights,” incidental music for that blurry instant between your last drink and the inevitable navel-gazing that follows. “Climb Down” is practically a lullaby for its sweet demeanor and sad bits of prose: “There’s a boy who wants to be forgiven / A girl that wants to keep on living in her stormy skies.” I’m reminded of those special moments when Paul Westerberg unplugged and gave us stark self-portraits like “It’s A Wonderful Lie.” Marka’s lyrics tackle equally introspective themes: financial woes, passing time, and in a sensegrowing upUnder is very much a “grown ups” album, full of simple questions with complex answers, candid but never wallowing. While Ada Jane subscribed to the school of Rock early on, we like this understated—dare I say, personal—side to rock ego. Click here for the article