Come say farewell to Charlie Wilson. Ada Jane @ the 400 Bar, 10/28.‏

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I’m well aware this is quite the advance warning, but I want everybody to have time to call the babysitter, save beer money, and mark the calendar. Charlie Wilson is moving on to the town of Fond du Lac, WI, home of the Guinness World Record for largest fondue set. You can Wiki that shit!! To say farewell, Ada Jane is gonna throw down @ the 400 Bar on Friday, Oct. 28th w/ two more bands that feature heaping helpings of C Wilson on drums. The Urban Hillbilly Quartet and The Po’ Boys.

I’m not really sure what this means for Ada Jane, but there is no Ada Jane without Charlie Wilson. We’re in the middle of recording some songs that might turn into an album or…something. Maybe not. We have shows planned in Duluth, MN and Maine in November and then….well, anyway, come to the show and celebrate all that is Charlie Wilson. I’ll have more details about set/show times in the coming weeks.


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