fianl tour update:

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11/11:  Toledo, OH @ Mickey Finn’s- We drop off Matt bass at the Greyhound Station. We’re a two piece for next two shows. Toledo looks like the recession has pummelled the town w/ both fists. The open to closed ratio of downtown storefronts is about 50/50. We get our first bit of really great press for the tour and wait at the club for people to show up in droves. Droves turns into about 15 people by the time we play, but they are 15 really appreciative Toledans and we are two appreciative Twin Citians.

11/12: Indianapolis @ Melody Inn: We’re about two weeks into the tour and it’s just now starting to feel like what we do. Not much phases us. We handle grumpy soundmen, ridiculous urine stained hotels, and 9 hour drives w/o issues.  Unfortunately,  we go home tomorrow. The only local band on the bill pulls a no call/no show. BLURG!! We play like champs to about 10 people.

11/14: Minneapolis @ 400 Bar: Homecoming show w/ Magic Black Pumas and I Was In Vancouver goes over like I wish every show would. There’s no drama or ego between the bands. Bands and fans are appreciative. Mailing lists are signed. CD’s are bought. People are enjoying themselves. Tonight we’re a four piece again, and Dave plays as if he’d been touring w/ us for the past few weeks. Dan Eikmeier even made it in time to play trumpet for a tune. The best show this line-up has played. Period.


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