11/8 tour update

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11/4: Washington DC @ Asylum- Nobody I talk to seems to want to stay in this city. We played on a stage the size of a closet….a small closet. People found out that we were from Minnesota and were asking us to speak “Minnesotan.”

11/6: New York City @ Arlene’s Grocery- By far the best club we’ve played so far. Even if there was only two people there to see us and it was PACKED after we played. We meet up w/ my friend Mike and feel better. Much better!

11/7: Brooklyn @ Coco 66– We walk in the club and it’s amazing. Nice room, stage, a fog machine. Nice. Except that they’ve double booked the night. Things work out fine, but everybody has short sets. My friend Josh’s band, Woodpecker! plays and he makes a joke about our youth that makes me blush. Then he plays a song about me that makes me tear up. NYC RULES!


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